The standard for the steel industry


What is AISC Certification?

AISC Quality Certification sets a standard for the steel industry.  Companies that are AISC certified have been through a rigorous initial evaluation, and are subject to yearly reviews.  Our independent auditing company, Quality Management Company, LLC, confirms that companies have the personnel, knowledge, organization, equipment, experience, capability, procedures, and commitment to produce the required quality of work for a given category, whether they are a fabricating plant, erector or metal building company.

How Does It Work?

The program confirms that an individual company has the capability of performing the desired level of work. The program does not look at specific projects; rather, the highly detailed checklist focuses on general management, engineering and drafting, procurement, operations and quality control. Auditors spot check records, interview workers and observe work and conditions in facilities to evaluate shops against quality criteria.

Company Benefits...

While the pre-qualification aspect of the program is important, it is not its sole raison d’etre. Rather, the program also has long-term benefits for a company through the periodic review and maintenance of quality systems and procedures.  Also, it helps communicate the latest quality issues to companies through the input of auditors trained in structural steel fabrication.

Owners and design professionals use AISC Quality Certification Program to set the level of quality on a project. Surveys of owners, designers and general contractors conducted by AISC identified three critical drivers in the selection of structural steel: cost (materials and labor), speed (meet the stated schedule and deadlines), and quality (confidence that the project’s specifications will be met). AISC certification helps you enhance all three critical drivers: cost, speed and quality.

AISC Certification helps you reduce the risk of rework by requiring you to have measurable goals. Goals lead to modifying your documented production as well as your quality procedures which in turn reduces waste.

SPEED up delivery by taking the inspection schedule into your hands: IBC Chapter 1704.2.5.2 does not require special inspections where the work is done in the facilities or shop of a fabricator registered and approved. Inspections are performed by the fabricator instead of a third-party inspector resulting in a faster schedule. AISC Certification is frequently used by fabricators to obtain such approval from the building official.

Meet the specified level of QUALITY by effective communication with your customer: AISC Certification requires you to have effective inspection record keeping. When these processes are part of your Quality Management System (QMS), the customers will have the information when needed.